Concept Design Electives


During the first three months of 2019, members of the ERIS Technical Liaison Team held face‑to-face meetings with all Concept Design projects to develop a deeper understanding of each project, local area and workstream.

We’ve used these meetings to inform our understanding and to aid an assessment of what the common themes and needs are across the PFER Programme portfolio. From this we’ve shortlisted three areas of key interest across the Concept Design phase of the programme:

  1. business models
  2. policy and regulation
  3. consumer insight

Working together with subject matter experts sitting within the Catapult’s technical Capabilities, we’ve developed four service offerings that address these areas. We’re calling these our Electives.

Business model and value proposition consultancy

Why it matters

Your business model should provide the structure that holds together the technologies, services, governance and operations that make up your smart local energy system. You’re developing first-of-a-kind solutions that’ll require equally innovative business models – ensuring they are fully mature will be critical to your project’s investability beyond the PFER programme.

What we’re doing for you

We’ll act as a critical friend for your project, with one of our specialists spending a day with you, in an interactive workshop setting, to help unpack your business model and value proposition from an independent and solution-agnostic perspective. Our experience of working with other innovators’ business models means we can provide input and guidance that draws on relevant examples outside the PFER Programme too.

We have four tiers of support available, based on the maturity of your business planning, so we’ll assess which of these will be most relevant to you as part of our consultation:

  1. Steering and signposting: Light-touch support to help develop and evaluate an existing idea or concept
  2. Creation and deployment: Taking high‑level ideas and developing them into a clear, qualitative proposition
  1. Development and testing: Investigating whether an idea is worth pursuing through quantitative testing of theories and sensitivities
  2. Readiness and deployment: Using our state‑of-the-art models and tools to validate your business model

How it’ll benefit your project

Our specialist consultancy will allow you to stress-test existing business models and value propositions, supporting you in identifying any gaps that might impact on the commercial viability of your solution.

Our impartial support could improve the maturity and robustness of your business model, ultimately helping reassure investors that the necessary due diligence has been completed.

What we’ll need from you

If you’d like to engage with this offering, we’ll need you to provide some information in advance of the workshop:

  • details of the new or untested business model you’re developing
  • the customer needs (gains or pains) that you’re seeking to address
  • a summary of the maturity of your project and its business planning
  • the business model barriers and risks you’ve identified so far

You’ll need to contact the ERIS team to book a session with our business model specialists.

How it’ll be delivered

Our business modelling specialist will undertake an interactive full-day workshop with your project, either at our Catapult offices in Birmingham or at a mutually agreeable location. A summary of the interaction will be provided to your project lead.